Digital Marketing

Social Media Consulting - Very few organizations excel at social media, and even fewer are able to quantify their return on investment. We have over a decade of experience and we specialize in SME and NGO clients. Our most common services are data analytics, content strategy, team training, and conversion funnel optimization. Whether you’re problem solving inadequate social media outcomes or improving an existing process, we can help you achieve more.

Search Engine Optimization - We’ve been helping organizations improve their search engine rankings since 2010, which means we’ve seen dozens of search algorithm changes and industry patterns. Our team has helped major brands like MerchantOS (acquired by Lightspeed) and SummitClimb achieve first page rankings for highly competitive national searches. We use ethical, white-hat approaches to ensure the long term safety of your organization.

Digital Advertising - It’s easy to setup ads on platforms like Facebook and Google, but it’s notoriously difficult to achieve cost effective results. We’ve helped countless organizations achieve excellent profit margins on their investments by understanding the complex relationships between search phrases, copywriting, and conversion funnels. Our team is especially talented at Facebook targeting, having raised over $1 million in venture capital by combining social media advertising with sociology.

Graphic Design - There’s a science behind effective graphic design, and we know how to translate your objectives into visuals that drive people to take appropriate actions. We can capture their attention, convey important information, set an appropriate mood, and leverage the psychology of the viewers. Our team takes inspiration from figures like Edward Bernays, Dan Wieden, and David Kennedy. We work efficiently and produce tangible results.

Web Development

Wordpress Websites - For small to medium sized enterprises we generally recommend using Wordpress, the world’s most popular platform for developing websites. Whether you’re promoting a local pub or expanding a national brand, we can build an effective website that drives people to take action. Our team has developed retail, restaurant, ecommerce, and NGO websites for well over a decade. We’re generally able to complete simple websites within 1-3 weeks and more complex sites in 4-8.

Complex Engineering - Our team is also experienced with custom software development, including cloud-based CRMs and crowdfunding sites. We’ve led teams of developers using Agile methodologies and produced exceptional software using a variety of frameworks. We are comfortable assembling and managing diverse engineering teams and we’ve worked with some of the most common stacks: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap.

Fundraising Strategy

Strategic Plan Reviews - Sometimes it’s helpful to have an extra set of experienced eyes to look at your plans, this often saves a lot of stress and frustration. We’ve both developed and reviewed strategic plans for nearly a hundred NGOs in the United States and we know how to spot common pitfalls and missed opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a quick assessment and report or a more detailed strategic planning workshop, we have you covered.

Corporate Fundraising - One of our founders, Roderick Campbell, raised over $1.2 million in A-list venture capital in less than 15 meetings. There is an art and science behind effective corporate fundraising, and we’re exceptionally competent at both. We can help you identify approach strategies, develop an effective pitch deck, simulate meetings with venture capitalists, and provide comprehensive training for your founders and team.

NGO Crowdfunding - Our team has directly facilitated over $30 million in charitable fundraising activities, and continues to oversee approximately $1 million per month is fundraising, primarily through crowdfunding and other grassroots approaches. We’ve helped brand new organizations raise their first funds, and we’ve helped highly established organizations dramatically expand their annual budgets. Our team specializes in providing clear, effective tactics and we take a data-driven approach.